Secured Loans

If you are a first time home buyer, we can assist you in finding the perfect first time home loan or a secured loan. We realize that shopping for your first mortgage loan can be difficult, stressful, and at times, confusing. Together, with our nationwide team of lenders you can overcome the challenges that many first time home buyers face. Once your online application is received, we will guide you through the entire home loan process.

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Depending upon your home loan needs and wants, our lenders are able to offer a variety of loan programs. These loan programs vary from conventional loans to special finance loans for those first time home buyers with credit issues. Our lenders are able to review your application, approve you and help you choose the best loan for your situation, and close the loan very quickly.

You are important to us as a first home buyer. We promise personal service, security through our SSL software, and quick home loan approvals. Our lenders are professional who take pride in helping you achieve your dream of homeownership. Why wait? With the short online application, you can conveniently begin the home loan process now. There is a loan program for everyone, regardless of income, employment, or credit. Home loans are available for people with poor or bad credit.

Secured loan Programs for First Time Home BuyersFixed Rate Mortgages (30, 15, 10 years)

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (10/1 year)

Two-step Mortgages (7/23 or 5/25)

7 Year Balloon Mortgage

5 Year Balloon Mortgage

Government Loans (VA - FHA)

Special Finance Home Loans

Manufactured Home Loans

Construction Loans